Islam and Natural Resources Management

Islam is religion of harmony, Islam is not religion of violence or basis of harm. a muslim shall learn from local practices and praxis to fulfil a khalifah obligation and make Islam as a way to achieve sustainable world as before, because some local practice in Indonesia has been exist before Islam was coming to certain area.


He gained bachelor degree on social of Islam that concerns in cross-culture communication study. His master degree was gained in integrated natural resources management that focuses on socio-Theo-ecological issues. He tailors an alternative approach of solving nature catastrophe. The idea breaks down to an organization that named Asian Muslim Action Network Indonesia from 2008-2009, continued Darwin initiative in 2009, Cordaid Liason Officer 2009-2010 and recently as Executive Director of Institute for Religion and Sustainable Development (IRSAD). As practitioners and intellectual, he applied his knowledge in Organization that works on Peacebuilding, Sustainable Development through applying Islamic Perspective and Natural Resources Management. He realized that the world of intellectualism and activism becomes arena where competitions between idea and action were not avoided. To create harmonization, ideally, trying to communicate the interest of stakeholder occurred on relationship of human and nature. How do we do it? With his motto, we have to create a space of communication where is information to understand are balance. Applying mandate of on open access and well distribution is must. 
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