Islam and Natural Resources Management

Islam is religion of harmony, Islam is not religion of violence or basis of harm. a muslim shall learn from local practices and praxis to fulfil a khalifah obligation and make Islam as a way to achieve sustainable world as before, because some local practice in Indonesia has been exist before Islam was coming to certain area.

My Research  

The role of Mosque in natural resource management: Eco-Religious Study on Ikan Larangan in Sungai Janiah, west Sumatra, Indonesia

The eco-religious is new concept of natural resource management strategy to effort society on sustainable development. Analysis applies the argumentation of hexagon model of approach that portraits concrete level of society. The interrelation of various variables of human, social, cultural, economy, religious, and environment are applied as a framework to understand human and ecology relation.   This paper aims to elaborate mosque role on sustaining the biodiversity that interrelated to water storage that functions as resources of livelihood in Jorong Sungai Janiah, Baso sub-district, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The objective of this research is to understand Minang community on institutional role of managing natural resources. The methodology of this research is qualitative with ethnography approach applied to view the representation phenomena in community level.  The research finding was that the first, mosque based Natural resource management is one of effective strategy to conserve bio-diversity and water resources. The second, practicing of eco-religious management has been initiated since 390 years that was inherent in daily life of Sungai Janiah people.  
Keyword     : Minang, tribes, mosque, and ikan larangan (forbidden fish)
Researcher:  Realino Nurza (Google+)
Funding      : Asian Muslim Action Network 

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