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Islam is religion of harmony, Islam is not religion of violence or basis of harm. a muslim shall learn from local practices and praxis to fulfil a khalifah obligation and make Islam as a way to achieve sustainable world as before, because some local practice in Indonesia has been exist before Islam was coming to certain area.

Lottery to heaven and hell, Indonesian Muslim Controversy  

Lottery to heaven and hell, Indonesian Muslim Controversy
This is my personal reflection to Indonesian muslim society today's especially, on Islamic dissemination that explained to current situation of Islamic civilization. the first finding is when I come to rural and urban area of Indonesia, I found that "hell" as popular word among Ustadz. I am not sure, since when this message become very popular, but I think it happen since 20 years back. This condition justify me on why violence behaviour and lack of Islamic value articulate as peace path in society. Muslim society in Indonesia showed an Indications of applying formal standard of conduct but unclear on the substance of conduct. Many Da'i said Kafir and retaliation of sin on their message to ummah compare to say, peace, heaven, and help. The second findings is a case in Bengkulu, The mayor offer a gift such as a car and free ticket for umrah to Mecca. This case also brings a controversial method on how to bring back muslim to the mosque. The fact is every wednesday at Zuhur praying time, many of muslim come to the mosque and give their copies of Id to put in lottery session.
What can I say, there is a debate on this controversy. Mayor of Bengkulu said the most important from this event is the objective. He said, "I want to change society to be more religious and aware that the gift would not a prioritize anymore but went to mosque is a part of Muslim activity". In other session, Mayor of Bengkulu said, "my objective as mayor is to transform bengkulu society to be more religious than before, I think this method will make my objective to be more real".
As a Muslim and sociologist, I want to give my opinion to this fact. What is happen to Indonesian society today is not happen suddenly without systematic intervention to change trend and way of thinking. That the way of thinking and trend are systematically influenced and prepared from high investment that spent a lot of time and effort. The changing of perspective on religion from voluntary to commercial were easy way to do, but contrary to bring a commercial perspective to voluntary need more effort and resource to be spent. General concept of capitalisation and classes in society are more easy to be recognized. The sectoral ethic are not respected any more. All the things are swept away by polarization of high class society, materialism and political power. The value of equality, well distribution, and people center are challenged in Indonesia society today. Which is this value was offered by Islam previously, but now are not workable in Indonesia and it is going to be a dead end of Islamic fighter who believe Islam as peaceful way of life and prosperity for other. ( Google+)    
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