Islam and Natural Resources Management

Islam is religion of harmony, Islam is not religion of violence or basis of harm. a muslim shall learn from local practices and praxis to fulfil a khalifah obligation and make Islam as a way to achieve sustainable world as before, because some local practice in Indonesia has been exist before Islam was coming to certain area.

Planned Islamic Community  

planned islamic community
On March 10-14, 2014, writer had been invited by one local organization in Cirebon, West java to share on how to apply Logical Framework Analysis as tool of social engineering. This opportunity remind me to my great teacher Hidayat who introduced me  to this skill in the past, thanks to his humble by provided space for me and us (a group of INRM student) to discuss and study at his place when writer live in Padang. Since that time, writer is actively promoted and interacting with managerial level in various organization of development. Back to main issue, writer is aware that Indonesian Muslim community today are part of receiver and target of social engineering process was designed by various agency either from civil society, government or foreign Government. This situation is drawing on how the battle of planning and design is oriented to fulfill selected objective through accurate calculation of social behavior. the process is applying simply method by identifying Muslim community problem in order to determine the objective,analyze it or prepare logic indicator to solve it. This systematic process have to pass very rigid logic examination. Various theory are applied in this process that is well known by scientific world, such as game theory and behaviour change. Indeed, Socio-economic approach and rational choice methodology seem as integral part of this process. If we are not well known on this phase, at real life, we will not aware that a reality we see is by design. Through this opportunity, as trainer of this training, Writer bring some issue related how to select effective step on developing Muslim community in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. And through this training also, writer was aware that many of institution that is going to develop Muslim society in greater level were not systematically planning to achieve the objective with capacity on verification of output, used of output. Most of initiative that reflect from their organization are only fulfilling the activity without knowing to where direction of the activity. My short impression was, Most of the organization in various level did not have vision to be achieved by ignoring concrete indicator of social change and behaviour. At this point. Writer see many of Muslim community is only surrender or being object to this situation in Indonesia. Contrary, many of brilliant  scholar and honour ulama pragmatically utilized this moment and bring Ummah to the level of pragmatism without consider the long term impact of their action. Writer want to address a message that is every individual can make change toward occupation of social engineering process by using the similar method by using identification the problem and determine objective that caused by disadvantage of role model from top leader and public figure. That is showing us decreasing of commitment toward integrity and justice which is currently dissapear from muslim society in Indonesia. Bring back the open mind interpretation to find the truth that lead us to Islam by using science and knowledge to Islam society (Google+)
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